Thrive Portfolio Technology Support

cpu-supportCPU Support

In a work environment, space is always a necessity but difficult to ever acquire enough of. Research shows that the workstation dimensions will generally decrease or stay the same in size. In order to use work spaces more efficiently, technology will need to adapt. This presents a challenge because while workstations are shrinking, central processing units (CPUs) are bulky. One solution, although more expensive, CPUs are becoming smaller to accommodate potential smaller workstation spaces.


keyboardKeyboard Support

Repetitive motion injuries (RPIs) costs to businesses are roughly equivalent to health costs caused my traffic accidents. However, North American costs for RPIs lessened about 35% between 1997 and 2007 (Liberty Mutual Workplace Index, adjusted for inflation). Ergonomic furniture, such as keyboard support has been a significant factor in this positive change. Better office accessory equipment to help support forearms and wrists has benefited businesses financially and the well-being of their employees.

Keyboard support is attached underneath the surface and slides from out under the work surface when in use. The keyboard and mouse trays can be adjusted to fit any body or furniture.


monitorMonitor Support

The human arm and its movements was the inspiration for our monitor arms. Ergonomic support and comfort relies on the fact that our monitor can be easily adjusted. About 84% of organizations use flat screens and 58% said they use desktop computers. Flat screen monitors and monitor arms are proving to be vital in the work world. Flo, Daisyone, and Wishbone monitor supports are available for your ergonomic needs. These three monitor arm designs allow for easy, individual adjustability and sturdy support.



Refined design, solid support, and flexibility are what dual monitor arms have to offer for users. Daisyone and Wishbone monitor supports are two different solutions for multi-monitor usage. These designs attach to a plethora of surfaces and are easy to install.

powerPower/Data Support

Access to power and data is vital in work environments today and having that access right at surface level is convenient and practical. Surface clamps, flush in a surface, or one-touch pop-up lids are options for plugging into power and data outlets. Functional power/data support possibilities offers more flexibility in access locations.



Thrive Portfolio Personal Lighting

fluteFlute Personal Light

This two pound, elegant task light has much more to offer than a beautiful aesthetic. Designed by Tom Newhouse, the Flute’s goal is to be economical which is has exceeded. Using the newest LED technology the Flute will last about 24 years and then will be 85% recyclable. Integrated heat sink technology allows the light to be touched or moved without being burned.

ardeaArdea Personal Light

The Ardea light was designed by Yves Behar to mimic nature and consider the natural environment by leaving a small ecological footprint. Inspired by the ardea bird, this personal light has a long, flexible neck that allows light to be directed exactly where you need it.


The latest addition to Herman Miller’s LED task light line – Tone. It’s the best of both worlds as far as price and function. It is adjustable with a dimming feature to shine just the right amount of light exactly where you want it. With a feature to turn off after nine hours of use, the Tone light is the perfect solution for conserving energy. It also makes the most of the latest improvements in LED technology, producing an attractive and appealing light.

System Task Lights

twistTwist LED Task Light

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly, Twist LED task light is the light of the future. Perfect in every efficient way. It leaves a minimal carbon footprint and is made from minimal material. It saves energy and money is many ways – takes less energy to produce, uses less energy when in use, and requires less packaging so more can be shipped at one time.


task-lightFluorescent Systems Task Lights

Direct and ambient lighting is essential in work spaces. Fluorescent Systems Task Lights provide adequate light where and when it is needed and gives many mounting options. Perfect for under overheads or on panels there are several choices of task lights offered: Lumisoft Task Light, Performance Task Light, Energy-Efficient Task Light, Utility Task Light, Panel Mounted Task Light, and Linear Task Light.


Thrive Portfolio Work Tools


Telephone trays, magazine holders, hanging file folders, work surface-attached tool rail, mini-shelf, mini-tackboard, folder arches, binder shelves, bundle clips, document grippers, hanger pegs, pencil holders.




Pencil drawers, marker/eraser holders, bookends.





Paper trays, organizer trays, storage trays, vertical trays, diagonal trays, display trays.



footpillowFoot Pillow

The foot pillow allows users to sit more comfortably and correctly when working at a desk or computer for long periods of time. This small accessory elevates your feet, places your lower back in a neutral position, distributes weight evenly, and relaxes muscles. The foot pillow comes in a variety of fabric coverings and is 5.25” high by 12” deep by 17” wide.



Other Accessories

hangitallEames Hang-It-All

Charles and Ray Eames designed the Eames Hang-It-All to function as a traditional coat rack but appear to be much more exciting. The whimsical, colorful hooks hold hats, umbrellas, backpacks, coats, scarves, etc. The design is made of a wire frame and painted wooden ball hooks for stability and strength. The Eames Hang-It-All is a fun but practical accent for any space.

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