How to Choose the Best Office Chair for Your Workplace in the Philadelphia, PA, Area

Best Office Chair Philadelphia PAWhat’s the best office chair on the market for your business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? There’s no easy answer to that question. It depends on many variables, including whether you’re looking for a computer chair in which an office worker will spend many hours each day or a conference room chair that’s intended for occasional use. Comfort is important in any case, but different factors come into play depending on the use of the chair.

In recent years, ergonomics has become a major consideration for office managers charged with selecting furniture for their company in Philadelphia, PA, or a neighboring community. Studies show that employees who are comfortable in chairs that provide a good fit and proper back support will be more focused and productive and take fewer breaks. They also are less likely to suffer from disruptive health problems, such as back and neck strain. That’s why the best office chair for daily work at a computer should be adjustable to fit a wide range of employee heights. When the worker sits in the chair, you’ll want to evaluate the position of the back and arm rests, whether the employee will be able to sit comfortably at a desk with feet on the floor, and whether the seat is the appropriate size for the person who will sit there most often. While an individual fit is less important in conference chairs, they should be comfortable and have some adjustability for height so that people are not fidgeting during meetings.

Another important factor to consider when looking for the best office chair is the manufacturer. One of the most widely known is Herman Miller, an award-winning manufacturer of office chairs and desks designed to promote health and productivity. Premier Office Solutions is an authorized Herman Miller dealer in the Philadelphia area that also carries new, preowned, and refurbished office chairs from many manufacturers with a reputation for high quality. In addition, Premier Office Solutions has experts on staff who can use their extensive experience to help you choose the best office chair to suit your needs.

Contact Premier Office Solutions today for expert assistance in selecting the best office chair for your business in the Philadelphia, PA, area.

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