Ergonomic Desk Products for Companies Throughout the Philadelphia, PA, Area

Ergonomic Desk Philadelphia PAAn ergonomic desk is one that allows the person using it to work effectively, without distractions, and in comfort by supporting the natural contours of their body. At Premier Office Solutions, we offer a wide selection of ergonomic desks to businesses in Philadelphia, PA, from a variety of renowned furniture manufacturers, including industry leader Herman Miller. A longtime innovator in the field of office furniture, Herman Miller ergonomic desks take the human body’s shape into account and provide simple but effective work surfaces to help employees stay focused and productive.

Here are a few examples of the ergonomic desk solutions from Herman Miller that we offer in Philadelphia, PA:

  • Envelop – Our Envelop ergonomic desk solutions, as their name implies, surround the person using them with multiple levels of support. The key feature of the Envelop line is a pliable, slide-out desk surface, which minimizes strain on the wrists and arms and also provides support for the elbows and upper body. What’s more, these desks help to keep the body at an optimal seven degree tilt, lessening back stain and keeping the eyes of the person using them at an optimal distance and angle from their computer monitor.
  • Renew – Renew sit-to-stand desks are for employees that wish to stay active and healthy during the work day. Working in an office is an inherently sedentary activity, and these desks remedy that by allowing the employee to stand during the work day. However, if the person using a Renew ergonomic desk ever wants to sit, a quick adjustment is all that is needed to shift the desk surface to a comfortable sitting level.

If you’d like to know more about the ergonomic desk solutions we have available in Philadelphia, PA, or to inquire about the other office furniture products we can provide for your business, contact Premier Office Solutions today.

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