Storage and Filing

Office Filing and Storage

meridianMeridian Filing and Storage

When you think of the visual appeal of your workspace, storage is not the first thing that comes to mind. Storage pieces are not the center of the design, therefore it is important to have pieces that work well in your existing space. With endless options of finishes and styles, you can be sure that Meridian will coordinate well with your other furniture. Meridian offers a wide range of components supplying storage for individuals and/or groups. They are built to be reliable and last for years to come.


tuTu Filing and Storage

“Tu” defines a focus on “you.” Tu pieces come in an assortment of sizes, offering many options to keep your belongings safe, secure and within reach. Useful and convenient, Tu is cost efficient, and still provides you with the quality and look of all Herman Miller products. It truly is a great value for any individual or company.


Healthcare Carts

technologycartsMobile Technology Carts

The number one priority for Herman Miller Healthcare is to be the best at resolving customers’ problems. The Mobile Technology Cart is just one example that allows healthcare professionals to work more efficiently. Healthcare professionals are able to transfer information from a patient’s bedside to a work area with a little more ease. The cart holds just what you need while on the go – whether it be a laptop or a monitor, keyboard and CPU.


supplycartsProcedure/Supply Carts

In the healthcare field, your needs are constantly changing – what you need today could be different tomorrow. Herman Miller’s Procedure/Supply Carts make these changes a little easier for you. They are long-lasting and sturdy – built to meet the high demands in healthcare environments. They come in universal sizes and their drawers and accessories are interchangeable. They can increase your storage and transport capabilities, which will in turn make workers more efficient and productive. These Procedure/Supply Carts are a truly adaptable solution in the healthcare field.


Home Office Desks and Storage

cognitaCognita Storage Bench

Storage is an all-to-common problem whether it be at work, or at home. Organization is desperately needed to keep all your paperwork and belongings in place – so you can actually find things when you need them. The Cognita Storage Bench is the perfect solution, efficiently storing all your items and being visually appealing at the same time. It also offers two useful areas on top – a cushioned place to sit and hard top to place food, drinks or even small equipment. The Cognita Storage Bench answers to all your storage needs.

enchordEnchord Desk and Mobile Cabinet

Working at home entails specific requirements, and your average furniture simply can’t always handle your workload. The Enchord Desk and Mobile Cabinet is the perfect solution to accomplish all your at-home tasks in a simple and affordable way. The clever design allows you to keep current paperwork organized and within reach, while still having your phone or your lunch nearby. Enchord Desk and Mobile Cabinets is one organized area for a multitude of tasks.

senseSense Desk and Media Cabinet

Whether it is just you, or your entire family who spends a significant amount of time at the computer at home, you need the perfect work area. The Sense Desk is the answer. It offers a large work surface, while also supporting your technology with a wire manager. Its design is simple and stylish – giving Sense a unique residential look. The legs can be adjusted to accommodate different heights, making it compatible for everyone, even the kids. Sense offers coordinating storage pieces to finish your home office.

costrucEames Desk and Storage Units

Charles and Ray Eames pushed the limits of design by using industrial production techniques – creating a contemporary and visually appealing piece of work. The Eames Desk and Storage Units can work together or on their own. They offer plenty of storage, work and design space in either your home or office. A classic piece, they are still just as stunning as they were when they were first designed over 60 years ago.

eamesEames Desk and Storage Unites

Long before “modularity” and “high tech” entered the design lexicon, Charles and Ray Eames were using industrial production techniques to extend the boundaries of design and create a modern aesthetic. These desk and storage units complement each other, and each can stand alone. They provide ample storage, work, and display space. And at home or in the office, they look as striking now as they did when first introduced in 1950.

nelsonNelson Miniature Chests

It is difficult to find quality craftsmanship anymore – but not in this little treasure introduced back in 1952. Still made with hand-fitted drawers, Nelson Miniature Chests offer a perfect place to hold your special little belongings. You can choose from different sizes and configurations, making this piece a perfect addition to any home or workspace.

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