Herman Miller Seating Options for Companies in Philadelphia, PA & All Neighboring Communities

Herman Miller Seating Philadelphia PAFor a wide range of Herman Miller seating options, companies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and all nearby areas can simply turn to Premier Office Solutions. As an authorized Herman Miller dealer that has been serving the area since 1998, Premier Office Solutions stocks a complete selection of premium chairs from this highly respected manufacturer.

When you turn to us for Herman Miller seating, you can expect to be able to choose from some of the most comfortable and ergonomic products available on the market today. A company known for its innovation, Herman Miller has been pushing the envelope of furniture design since it was first founded in 1905, and today we’re proud to offer the fruits of their labor. Our selection of seating options for companies in Philadelphia, PA, includes:

  • Embody chairs – Featuring a spine-like design that runs along the length of the seatback, these products provide unsurpassed lumbar support and are designed to minimize back pain and provide optimal blood flow while seated.
  • Aeron chairs – Designed with a unique woven seatback and seat known as the Pellicle, these stylish chairs distribute the users’ weight evenly across their surface and match the natural contours of the human body for maximum comfort.
  • Mirra chairs – Mirra chairs are designed to eliminate pressure points, and have gently curving backrests that naturally support human posture and promote an ideal sitting position.

Contact Premier Office Solutions today to learn more about our Herman Miller seating selection and how we can provide you with the ideal chairs for your business. If you’d like to see our options in person, feel free to visit our expansive 100,000 square-foot showroom facility located right here in Pennsylvania, PA.

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