Modern Office Chairs Can Take the Pressure off of Employees in Your Philadelphia, PA, Company

Modern Office Chairs Philadelphia PAAcquiring modern office chairs for your business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, can confer a variety of benefits to your employees and improve your company’s overall productivity. Several in-depth studies have demonstrated that sitting for extended periods, especially with poor posture, can lead to partial deactivation of the lower back musculature and glutes as well as issues with circulation and upper back rounding, known as kyphosis. Over time, these issues can impair posture and overall health, and are sure to cause discomfort and distraction when it comes to everyday work.

Several modern office chairs alleviate this discomfort by helping to distribute the user’s weight evenly across the seat, as well as providing support to key areas such as the lumbar spine. Some chairs even have optional controls to adjust the upper back and armrests so that they sit in-line with the user’s natural proportions and most comfortable angles. This will help to boost the health and comfort of your workforce, it may lead to lessened distractions and improved productivity.

At Premier Office Solutions, we stock a wide range of these modern chairs from leading manufacturers like Herman Miller, Geiger, and SitOnIt. Our team will help you to navigate our 100,000-square-foot facility and showroom to help you find the best options for your company, and once you’ve made your selections, we’ll deliver your new chairs right to your workplace.

To learn more about the modern office chairs we have available and how they can help your employees to stay healthier and more productive, contact Premier Office Solutions today. We’re proud to serve Philadelphia, PA, and all surrounding boroughs.

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