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Why Adjustable Monitor Arms Make Sense

Companies are shifting from assigned seats to shared stations, including touch down areas. This is a great use of space and a benefit from a real estate standpoint, but in order to keep the employees happy and healthy there is something else you have to keep in mind. They have to be able to adjust their tools and furnishings - one of the most important tools being their monitor.

If the monitor is not in the right position, people will adjust their bodies in unhealthy ways to see their screen better. It would make more sense to adjust the monitor for each user that comes to work in that station - this being a much healthier, more ergonomic way of working. The proper position of the monitor varies by each individual. Adjustable monitor arms are the perfect solution. Herman Miller offers a wide range of options, depending on the needs of the end user. They are a very practical way of personilzation in a work space - simple to implement, cost effective and healthful for employees.

The Eyes Always Win

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