Office Design Options Abound: What Layout Should You Choose for Your Business in Philadelphia, PA?

Office Design Philadelphia PANowadays, when people talk about office design, they frequently are referring to the debate over open office plans vs. cubicles. If you’re starting a business in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area, or perhaps you’re relocating and considering whether a new office layout might be in order, it’s only natural that you’re curious about what office design plan might work best for your staff.

This is not a frivolous question. Studies show that the design of an office can have a significant impact on employee productivity, staff turnover, the number of sick days logged, and other factors that can enhance or undermine a company’s success. For example, the open office design has been widely acclaimed for encouraging collaboration among colleagues and better communication between employees and their supervisors, but some workers complain that distractions affect their ability to concentrate and thus erode productivity. Employees who work in cubicles, on the other hand, may enjoy better concentration because the wall panels tend to reduce noise and distractions, but some might be less productive if they’re using their privacy to surf the internet or otherwise spend time off task. So which office design is best for your business in Philadelphia, PA, or a neighboring community?

Premier Office Solutions is a full-service office furniture supplier with experts on staff who can help you determine the best office design for your business. We know that no two offices are alike, and it’s quite possible that your business can benefit from a combination of workspaces designed to facilitate, by turns, brainstorming sessions, confidential consultations, and individual projects. We have a wide assortment of movable walls, benching systems, workstations, and cubicles from top manufacturers in the industry – all designed to help you make the most of your office space. Many of these furnishings are available in preowned or “like-new” remanufactured options that can help your business save money as well.

So contact us today to discuss your business goals and let Premier Office Solutions help you create the best office design for your workspace in the Philadelphia, PA, area. We also offer a full roster of business relocation services, including delivery and installation.

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