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Office Furniture AccessoriesOffice furniture accessories are a great example of how the little things in life can sometimes add up to substantial improvements in employee comfort and workplace productivity for businesses in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. For instance, personal task lights that provide extra illumination when and where it’s needed may not only reduce a staff member’s eyestrain, but dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete assignments by eliminating the need to squint or adjust a screen. Organizer trays, tack boards, hanger pegs, and shelving can all contribute to a neat and attractive workspace, as well as a more efficient workflow, as staff members have what they need at their fingertips, even on short notice.

And those are just a few ways that a relatively small investment in office furniture accessories can improve working conditions, no matter what kind of business you’re in.

Premier Office Solutions is a full-service office furniture supplier that has been working with businesses of all kinds in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding communities since 1998. We offer high-end new, used, and remanufactured furnishings from top manufacturers in the industry, and we’re happy to use our expertise to guide you toward office furniture and accessories that will help you attain the efficiency and employee satisfaction you need for business success.

Some office furniture accessories may also help reduce expenses associated with workers’ injuries that result from repetitive motion or poor posture. For example, the Thrive Portfolio series from renowned manufacturer Herman Miller includes ergonomic accessories such as adjustable supports for computer keyboards and monitors, so that these critical work tools can be adapted to each individual’s physical height. Other options include foot pillows that elevate the feet so that the lower back can maintain a comfortable position when a staff member spends hours seated in front of a computer.

Premier Office Solutions is an authorized Herman Miller dealer that offers a full line of office furniture and accessories. We also have a large showroom full of fine office furniture from various manufacturers that’s accessorized and arranged in attractive configurations, so that you’re sure to get ideas for enhancing your workspace in Philadelphia, PA, or a neighboring community. For more information, contact Premier Office Solutions today.

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