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Office Furniture Philadelphia PAIf you’re looking for world-class office furniture and have a business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or another nearby community, there is no better company to turn to than Premier Office Solutions, Inc. Since 1998, we’ve provided companies throughout the area with premium furniture products. We offer a wide variety of new furniture from industry leader Herman Miller, including workstations, benching systems, collaborative space products, office seating, desks, conference tables, and much more, enabling you to outfit your entire office with innovative products that are built to stand the test of time.

The Herman Miller office furniture we provide is designed to help you create a “Living Office,” one that reflects the day-to-day workflow of your company, meshes ideally with your culture, and is able to adapt when conditions change. In order to make such an office a reality, Herman Miller furniture pieces are each designed to help accommodate a certain function, allowing your employees to effectively:

  • Co-Create – We offer benching stations and other types of collaborative office furniture that encourage groups to work together to generate new ideas and content.
  • Huddle – Huddles occur when teams need to meet to discuss an urgent issue. We offer a variety of office furniture pieces that are designed to help workers meet quickly and address critical situations.
  • Contemplate – Sometimes, employees need time to gather their thoughts in peace and tranquility. We offer various types of ergonomic office furniture than can allow your team members to take quick breaks to reflect and re-focus on new tasks.
  • Show and Tell – These sessions involve meetings within the company to disseminate information, and we offer a variety of ergonomic and elegant conference furniture solutions to facilitate these gatherings.
  • Create – This action involves workers engaging with their personal workload to create deliverable content, and we provide a variety of workstations, systems furniture, and seating to help your employees accomplish this with ideal privacy and maximized efficiency.

In addition to having an impressive range of office furniture pieces designed to fulfill virtually any workplace function at your Philadelphia, PA, business, Premier Office Solutions offers office furniture delivery and installation, project management, and various other value-added services that can help you make the most of your purchase. If you’re moving to a new office, we can even manage your relocation, as well as assist you with the decommissioning of your old space and connect you with deserving local charities if you wish to donate any existing furnishings.

For more information about the world-class Herman Miller office furniture solutions or any of the services we offer to businesses in Philadelphia, PA, and all surrounding areas, contact Premier Office Solutions today.

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