Open Plan Office Furniture Solutions Available for Companies in Philadelphia, PA & All Surrounding Suburbs

Open Plan Office Furniture Philadelphia PAThe open plan office furniture solutions offered by Premier Office Solutions for businesses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and all nearby suburbs can help your company to create an inviting, open workplace. Rapidly becoming a staple of businesses in a variety of industries, open plan offices allow for faster and more efficient communication and less division between executives and employees. What’s more, they are an incredible asset to companies that require high levels of collaboration in order to perform optimally, and can help to beautify an office by increasing the appearance of space between workstations.

If these numerous advantages sound like something your company might benefit from, Premier Office Solutions can help. We stock a wide range of new, preowned, and refurbished furniture pieces ideally suited for open plan offices in Philadelphia, PA, including:

  • Office storage and filing systems
  • Collaborative furniture such as benching systems
  • Individual workstations and desks
  • Small workstation dividers and stack-on glass panels
  • Office seating options
  • And more

Plus, in order to provide you with extensive support throughout the furniture acquisition process, we offer a number of services that can help you make the most of your purchase. For starters, we’ll deliver and install any furniture pieces you purchase from us, and will provide expert project management services to help set your open plan space the way you’d like. We even offer both short- and long-term furniture rentals, allowing you to acquire the open plan furniture pieces you need at prices that are convenient for your company.

For additional information about the open plan office furniture pieces we can provide for your company in Philadelphia, PA, contact Premier Office Solutions today.

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Not only did they provide beautiful, functional, high quality furniture, they provided a lifestyle. Their product came with answers to the challenges of moving to an open floor plan and suggestions to create collaborative spaces to bring value as well

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