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Herman Miller is the worldwide leader in making health-positive products and guiding you in their proper use. Their firsthand knowledge of health issues is the basis of their expertise.

Thrive designs and how they are applied begin with people. Designers study the individuals, organizations, and the purpose of their work. The products that follow actually improve human health.

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Thrive Portfolio Performance Tables

envelopEverywhere Tables

These tables work anywhere you decide to use them, so it’s logical they’d be called Everywhere tables. Two traits give them their anywhere versatility.

Fine lines—a refined, single aesthetic means they complement any space, bringing unity and visual calm. No boundaries—a simple kit of top shapes and leg styles can be combined in nearly limitless ways. And if these choices aren’t enough for you, feel free to create your own because Everywhere tables are easy to customize.

envelopEnvelop Desk

All those hours at work, you move, your chair moves, the desk stays put. Even the best task chairs can’t do it all, so we’ve brought ergonomic principles to the one element that was just sitting there.

A desk that moves? Radical! A desk that promotes healthful movement? That makes sitting at a computer comfortable? It’s Envelop, the first desk designed to help you, your chair, your desk, and computer work together for better health and comfort.


Thrive Portfolio Technology Support

cpu-supportCPU Support

Space is always at a premium. Take the desktop, for example: No matter what kind of work you do, there never seems to be enough room. Our research of a cross-section of North American organizations found the space crunch is only going to intensify: 90 percent said workstation size will decrease or stay the same over the next 5 years.

While space is shrinking, so are central processing units (CPUs). But it’s a business reality that organizations can’t afford to adopt these new, smaller CPUs everywhere. The result is a squeeze: work areas getting smaller even while most CPUs are as clunky as ever.

keyboardKeyboard Support

When it comes to people supporting their forearms and wrists while keying, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that in North America costs for repetitive motion injuries (RPIs) decreased 34.6% between 1997 and 2007 (Liberty Mutual Workplace Index, adjusted for inflation).

Over the same period, sales of ergonomic office accessories increased by an average of 17% (BIFMA). It’s reasonable to think that better equipment helped lower these costs.

Even with a significant decline over those 10 years, annual costs to businesses for RPIs are still over $2 billion. That’s about the same as health costs resulting from traffic accidents.

monitorMonitor Support

When we design things, we have always looked to the human body for inspiration. Bend your arm at the elbow, stretch it out, rotate your hand at the wrist. You have just experienced the inspiration for our monitor arms.

The adjustability of these arms is an important component in giving workers ergonomic support. When we recently asked companies about the types of monitors they use, 84% said flat screens. And 58% noted that they use desktop computers, with separate display, CPU, and keyboard.

powerPower/Data Support

Technology is so much a part of our lives we often use it without thinking. That is, until we need to unplug a power cord or disconnect a data line. We think it makes good sense to locate outlets and ports either on the work surface or just below it, so that they’re easy to access.

Easy access makes life more pleasant for people who need it. It does the same for organizations by giving them ways to maximize space on the work surface and allowing flexibility in planning where to locate power and data access..

mobileMobile Support

People take mobile working for granted. The facts back that up. Recently, we asked business leaders what elements will drive the design of their work environments in the next 3 to 5 years. The top response (62%) was providing wireless technology. Already, 69% of these companies report using wireless or Wi-Fi connectivity throughout their facilities.

Mobility across the campus is a trend that will continue, as will the trend to work elsewhere—from coffee shops to living rooms. Most organizations we surveyed embrace alternative work strategies, including working from home. About 60% of them give these workers laptops, but most (69%) don’t provide additional support like an ergonomic chair, adjustable table, or task lighting.

avAV Support

As much as people may dislike meetings, everyone knows that much of the real work of our age takes place during them. An increase in the number of meeting rooms is hardly surprising. Recently we asked companies what happens when they repurpose space, and 50% said they created more conference rooms.

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) confirms the trend toward more group spaces. Its members report that while individual space has stabilized, common support space has increased on both a percentage and square-foot basis.


Thrive Portfolio Personal Lighting

 ardeaArdea Personal Light

The Ardea are the great herons—those elegant birds with the long, infinitely flexible necks. Inspired by these majestic birds, Yves Béhar designed the Ardea personal light to be infinitely adjustable. Its ingenious neck design lets you direct Illumination right where you need it—on paperwork, a keyboard, or a good book. And like the herons, Ardea is kind to the earth.


fluteFlute Personal Light

Flute was designed by Tom Newhouse to be flexible, versatile, compatible, economical. And with its LED technology, 85% recyclability, 24-year life span, and cost of about $1.13 to use it for a whole year, Flute leaves a minuscule carbon footprint on the earth. Weighing in at just two pounds, this task light also leaves a small footprint on your desk. And it’s home-grown: made in the USA.


leafLeaf Personal Light

The striking Leaf light puts the control in your hands—actually, in your fingertips. To adjust the intensity or change the light color from warm to cool, just slide a finger along a groove in the lamp base. And even though it’s LED lighting, it isn’t hot to the touch. We solved that problem, so you can position Leaf for task lighting, fold it to create ambient light, or straighten the arms for dramatic wall lighting. Without burning your fingers.


taskFluorescent Task Light

Be focused on the task at hand with our fluorescent task light. It provides targeted illumination, helping you with all your projects, big and small.

Versatile and Efficient

Fluorescent task lights work with any Herman Miller system to ensure that your work is properly illuminated. They can be attached to a tall or short pole, frame, panel, or rail tile.

halogenHalogen Task Light

Get more done more comfortably with less eye strain with our halogen task light.

Versatile and Efficient

Halogen task lights work with any Herman Miller system to ensure that your work is properly illuminated. They can be attached to a tall or short pole, frame, panel, or rail tile.

twistTwist LED Task Light

It’s a new day. And the energy-efficient, eco-friendly Twist LED task light lights the way leaving only a tiny carbon footprint behind. Made from minimal material, so it requires less energy to produce, Twist consumes 40-50% less energy than traditional undershelf lighting. It requires minimal packaging, so more units can be shipped at once, reducing the amount of energy–and money–needed to ship.


Thrive Portfolio Work Tools


Telephone trays, magazine holders, hanging file foldres, work surface-attached tool rail, mini-shelf, mini-tackboard, folder arches, binder shelves, bundle clips, document grippers, hanger pegs, pencil holders



stoaStoa Modular Rail System

There’s your desk. Is the surface buried under wires and stacks of paper and folders and all your other junk? The Stoa modular rail system can change it into an organized and clutter-free work area. Easy-to-attach components are coordinated to create a smart, efficient, and stylish system.




Pencil drawers, marker/eraser holder, bookends





Paper trays, Organizer trays, storage trays, vertical trays, diagonal trays, display trays



footpillowFoot Pillow

Those who sit for long periods of time working at a computer can benefit from this foot pillow. It elevates the feet, as well as supporting them. More important, it helps place your lower spine in a neutral position. That can relax your muscles and distribute your torso weight correctly.

The foot pillow is available in a wide range of fabric coverings. It measures 5.25″ high by 17″ wide by 12″ deep.


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