Collage of images showing our building, close up of furniture and fabric swatches, and different settings in our showroom.

Why Premier?

Our Mission: Designing spaces that put people first.

We believe our job, before any other, is to listen to you, discover your needs and then use our services and expertise to create the right environment for you. Your space is not about us. It's about you.

So what makes Premier different? Learn why businesses in Philadelphia, Central PA and the surrounding areas choose Premier as their dealer for strategic furniture solutions.


Our culture at Premier is all about a family of people that are empowered to make the best decisions for their customers and in turn the company. By being leaders and doing the right thing, we help customers succeed.


We are a MillerKnoll dealer that leverages world class research, product, process and support. To help our customers create their vision of the perfect space, we blend the over 300 lines we represent to make sure their space not only works but is within the budget.


As a full service MillerKnoll dealer, we provide a process that is predictable and repeatable. The goal is to help the customer through the furniture process to see their vision at completion. Also, to understand that work is constantly changing. Day 2 is the real test of the relationship we have developed and the adaptability of the office environment. We create spaces that support the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.


We work with passion every day. That passion results in energy and excitement that make ideas happen. We also want to make a difference. Our team uses imagination and initiative to produce creative work solutions that benefit our partners. We strive to see your vision and bring it to life, so you prosper and in turn, make a difference.


For over 24 years, we have lived by our core values. We go above and beyond to create an environment of teamwork that encourages our partners to share views honestly and frequently. We forge successful relationships through integrity based on high moral standards and passion. By adhering to these principles, we continue to create ongoing prosperity for our people, customers and community.

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